About us

The Wash House. The Home of Lifetime Labour Free*

Phil Bowden – Owner and founder of The Wash House Family Business

Me, Mom, and how it all started.

It all started 33 years ago, in 1984.

I had recently finished my electrical engineering + mechanical course and had found myself out of work.
During that time, friends and family would ask me to mend their broken appliances.

My Mom noticed this, and how I was good at what I was doing, so she asked me the question that started everything: “Why don’t you start working for yourself?”
We sat down and we spoke about it, discussing the name and the idea for the Kitchen Appliance Service Company. That day, Household Appliances was born.

In those days money was tight, I couldn’t even afford a desk from which to run the business. As I was good at woodwork, I created a desk fashioned from an old wardrobe. From this desk Mom was the receptionist and I was the engineer, we then started to advertise in the local newspapers.

Mom was a very good mentor, come rain or shine she would never let a single one of our customers down.
Slowly our little business grew and we eventually got to the stage where we hired our first Apprentice.

Ensuring the appliance was fixed and our customer was happy was always the most important thing.
It wasn’t much later that we took on a lock-up workshop. I started selling reconditioned appliances and this soon became new appliances.

While working hard at our business, Mom and I would always dream of getting to the stage where we could open our own shop.
Sadly, Mom passed away shortly before that dream was realised, when we opened our first store in Stourport, on the Wilden Lane. This store is still open to this day.

I decided to think of a new name to mark the occasion of moving in to our new store.
Looking for inspiration, I was reading a book that contained information on Victorian Homes, and I came across an article about a room titled ‘The Wash House’ and thought to myself, “That’s it!”

Over many years, The Wash House has grown larger than I ever thought it would.
We now have stores in Hereford and Worcester, as well as a following of very loyal customers.
And it’s quite funny in a way, we still get customers who will tell us that their parents bought from us when they were young.

I feel passionately about the service we give – a passion I have brought with me from Mom’s days. I want you to feel this passion.
We aim to give 100% on the customer service we are passionate about. We wanted to offer our customers something that they wouldn’t get from anyone else, so we gave it a name and Lifetime Labour was born, offered free with most of our appliances.
Free Lifetime Labour.

We want you to be happy with our service, and even today I am still out visiting customers on service calls, just like I used to when I worked with Mom.

Every time I visit a customer, they save £65 in labour and only have to pay for parts. It’s a great peace of mind for our customers to know that they can call us out, without any Labour fees, if you have any concerns at all about the appliance they have purchased from me.

If you would like to talk to me, or have anything you want to discuss about your purchase, you can call any of our stores, or reach me on my personal contact details below:
My Mobile: 07583 508577