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Welcome to our recipe page

Chosen by our resident home economist Ceri Owen, we have created a collection of delicious recipes that are taken from some of our live cooking demonstrations, Ceri’s own creations, and the brands we have in our showroom!

We will soon start sharing these delightful recipes with you!

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Wash House Social Media

The Wash House can now be found on Social Media websites, Facebook and Twitter!

If you use any of these websites, you understand that information can be posted quickly and easily by the pages that you choose to follow.

So if you would like up-to-date announcements on the latest news, products and promotions, Liking us on Facebook and/or Following us on Twitter will be extremely beneficial to you.

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Fast and convenient customer service, from the comfort of your own home!


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Basic Refrigeration Maintenance

As a general rule, most refrigeration units work using a ‘falling air’ system.
Basically, the evaporator at the back of the cabinet takes cold ambient air from outside the unit and then the plates get cold.
The cold air falls off the plates and slowly lower the temperature within the cavity
Condensation on the back wall liquefies and runs out of the cavity through a defrost channel. However small foodstuff, dirt or dust can clog the defrost channel meaning the water can no longer drain away so it collects at the bottom of the unit.
This is an easy problem to fix as most units come with a tool to clear the drain hole. Optionally you can use a flexible wire.

Manual defrosting-
Never defrost an appliance using a tool made of metal.
a metal tool can easily pierce the evaporator and this is often too expensive to replace.
Also, you will not be covered by any warranty as most manufacturers class this as customer misuse.

The most important advice regarding refrigeration is to always read the instruction manual that comes with your appliance.
This will tell you how best to look after your particular appliance and get the best results.
Technology is always growing and improving, and as a result one fridge will never be the same as the last.

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Frost free refrigeration

Frost free refrigeration is becoming more and more popular as they can be very convenient.

Frost free works by circulating cold air using a fan. On modern appliances the evaporator (the plate that gets cold) is hidden behind the wall inside the back of the freezer. When working properly, you can usually see small beads of  ice on the back wall.


For good build quality and a great frost free freezer, we recommend the Blomberg FNT9673P.

There is also a heating element inside. This heater defrosts the freezer automatically. During defrosting, ice on the back wall melts and runs down into a channel. It then goes through a hole and goes in to the evaporator tray that is on top of the compressor.
The compressor gets warm and evaporates the water in to the air. The defrost, sensors, timers and PCB’s are used to the control everything and make sure it all works reliably.

If you notice your frost free freezer is not working it may be due to the evaporator freezing. As you can’t see the ice due to the back wall, you may be unaware until a malfunction.
To fix this problem, the first thing to try is to unplug the unit and leave to manually defrost for at least 24 hours. It is important to regularly check door seals, as if air in to the unit, the evaporator can also over-freeze.

Again manually defrosting the unit at least once a year may help get the unit healthy and working for as long as possible.

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Range Cooking vs Built In

Dreaming of a new kitchen?

It is a tempting thought for all of us! Whether it is an out dated kitchen that you are ashamed of or the kitchen that came with the house, we all want to have a dream kitchen that fulfills all our dreams but these days the choice can seem never ending.

The biggest dilemma we find our customers have is whether to have a range cooker or to have a built in kitchen. Hopefully, we may be able to point you in the direction that suits you best….

Why Range Cooking?
A freestanding range cooker can offer a statement centrepiece to any kitchen; whether a professional steel finish or a blast of colour. It can also give more flexibility in terms of cooking capacity to a standard 60cm oven.
By choosing a range cooker you are putting a heart into your kitchen. We recommend Rangemaster cookers when choosing a range cooker for the following reasons. As the oldest range cooker manufacturer they have a heritage and pedigree that is unbeatable. Their range cookers are made in the UK and come with a 2 year manufacturer guarantee for added peace of mind. They offer the biggest choice of any range cooker manufactuer, in fact there are over 700 product variations from fuel type, size and colour, allowing you to find your perfect match.


In fact, our Stourport and Hereford stores are recognised Rangemaster Range Centres with over 10 Rangemaster cookers on show. We also keep a smaller quantity at our Worcester store. We also hold cooking demonstration days throughout the year, so you can see these wonderful cookers in action.
Find out more about our Rangemaster Design Centre


Why choose Built In?
Regardless of the style you want to achieve, more and more people are choosing built in appliances for their kitchens. These appliances can offer a more stream-lined look to a kitchen, whilst also giving you the freedom of matching ovens to other complimentary appliances such as microwaves, compacts, coffee machines and warming drawers.

This flexibility allows you to select the best combination of appliances to suit your cooking style and food preferences.

There is also the added flexibility with the installation. There are different options such as in-tower, side by side or cube meaning you can choose a configuration to best suit your needs and space!


Our Stourport showroom as a functioning Siemens iQ Centre kitchen, where all the various different cooking combinations are available to see, touch and use!

Throughout the year, we host cooking demonstration days so you can see these innovative appliances in use and being shown to their very best.
Find out more about our Siemens iQ Centre

If you would like to discuss which option would best suit your needs, all of our stores are open 7 days a week with friendly, informed and helpful staff always on hand to help answer any questions you might have.

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Contemporary vs Traditional Designs

A Clash of Old vs New


The Rangemaster Hi-Lite is heavily designed with a modern look in mind

People are always trying to keep up with fashion, keeping with the trend and staying up to date.
However, ironically, retro is back!

This doesn’t stop at fashion, kitchen appliances are also seeing a steady increase in retro design interest, but with modern technology across a range of cookers.

This has started a battle between traditional and contemporary designs.

Contemporary ovens tend to have straight lines, sharp edges and a sleek design to suit the modern kitchen.
However traditional ovens have their beveled doors, towel rails and
even give you the option of an added splash-back!


The Rangemaster Classic series is a fantastic example of traditional design choice

Both types of cooker are available in our stores, however when choosing the design of your cooker it is important to take your whole kitchen in to account!

For instance, a traditional cooker would look out of place in a modern hi-tech kitchen.

Both types of design have the latest cooking technology, so which design do you prefer?
Are you a fan of the sleek modern design, or are you retro at heart with a traditional mindset?

Whichever you prefer, we have the availability to suit you!

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Wrinkle-Free Drying

One issue with tumble dryers nowadays is that when you dry clothes, they often come out far too wrinkled to wear. Nobody enjoys ironing out these wrinkles. (It’s almost as bad as cleaning your cooker!).

So what can you do about this?

When you put washing in the dryer it’s usually because it’s damp, but not wet, as your washer will usually spin it dry towards the end of the cycle.
When you put your washing in to the dryer, just put 2-3 ice cubes in to the dryer with your clothing.

When you start the tumble dryer, make sure you put it on the highest temperature.
For a short while you’ll hear a loud clanking in the machine, but that won’t last too long as the ice eventually melts.

When the ice melts, it almost immediately becomes steam, and this is the the big part in why this works.
The steam of course keeps the clothing almost wrinkle free throughout the drying process and heavily reduces the amount of ironing you need to do, the difference between ironed clothes and clothes dried in this method is almost un-noticeable!


Another method you can use is adding a wet tea-towel in with this wash.
It creates the same effect of the water evaporating in to steam, however the tea-towel will stay wet even when the rest of the washing is dry, so of course you’ll want to wait until the tea-towel is dry and in this time the washing may slightly wrinkle, meaning the method would overall be slightly less effective.

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Induction Cooking

Induction Cooking:

Induction cooking is recognised as being one of the quickest, safest and most efficient methods of cooking available.

Induction is completely different to other cooking methods. It makes the pans the generators of heat rather than creating heat and then transferring it to the pans.

You can adjust induction cooking temperatures instantly and with precision. There is also no wasted energy as only the base of the pan is heated while the rest of the cooking surface remains cool.

As a comparision, only 40% of the energy used in gas gets used to cook, where induction uses 84% to cook.

As the hobtop barely gets warm except directly under the pans, it is safer and cleaner. No more burnt fingers, no more baked on spills and much safer for children.

Induction only works with pots and pans made of magnetic materials – such as cast iron or stainless steel – though do always double check suitability before purchasing.

For the best induction results we recommend the Siemens EH975MV17E iQ 700 flexInduction hob. It has touchSlider controls and offers 2 flexInduction zones. FlexInduction offers an extended cooking surface that will accommodate pans of any size, even several pans places anywhere on the surface at the same time.


You can see the EH975MV17E in action at our Siemens iQ Centre based at our Stourport store.

Read about our Siemens iQ Centre here!

However, if you don’t want something quite so advanced we have special offers on many induction hobs. There is also an offer for free inductions pans on selected Bosch, Neff and Siemens hobs. More details on this promotion to come soon!

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Keeping Your Machine Fresh And Clean

Keeping your washer clean on the inside:


On most washing machines, operating a boil wash is as simple as turning the dial to 90°

Naturally an important part of a washing machine is the pipework on the inside of the appliance.
Machines nowadays generally wash at lower temperatures for save energy.
This means that there isn’t a lot boiling water keeping the inner pipes clean and tidy which can cause a build up of grime inside the machine and even cause quite a nasty smell.
As a result, very important to keep these clean, but when you’re unable actually access them, how can you do that?

It’s actually a lot easier than you might expect!

So how do we fix this?

  1. Empty your machine of anything currently inside it
  2. Make sure your filter is clean (see our filter cleaning instructions here)
  3. Put some old dirty towels or clothes in the appliance (These will get ruined in this wash, make sure it’s something you won’t miss!)


    Depending on your machine, your dial may look different.

  4. Put a cap of bleach in the dispenser drawer of your appliance
  5. Run the machine on a 90 degree boil wash – Do not worry if you see a lot of foam building up inside your appliance, this is normal.
  6. Once finished remove the towels from the appliance
  7. Run a rinse & spin cycle to clean the rest of the bleach out (This step is important. Any leftover bleach may cause a problem in future washes)
  8. Clean your filter once more to remove anything that may have been caught in there from the 90 degree wash.

This will clean all of the pipes throughout your appliance and it will be performing as well you’d like!

After finishing this process there could potentially still be an odour coming from the drum of the appliance. This can be caused by a dirty seal around the door trapping dirt and grime.


You can purchase soda crystals from The Wash House!

The best way to fix this issue is to use soda crystals!
Using soda crystals to remove bacteria and bad smells is very similar to the above method, however we replace the bleach with 300g (or half a pint) of soda crystals.


  1. Ensure your machine is empty
  2. Check that your filter is clean
  3. Add 300g (half a pint) of soda crystals to the empty drum
  4. Run your machine on the longest hottest wash
  5. Run a rinse and spin cycle to clean the machine out
  6. Clean your filter once more


After both of these steps are complete, you will have a fresh smelling and fully functional washing machine!

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Self Cleaning Ovens

Have you heard about self cleaning ovens?

Cleaning the oven is one of the most dis-liked household chores. So why not treat yourself to a self-cleaning oven?

Self cleaning ovens will not only save you time – who wants to spend their days off scrubbing the oven? – they will also save you money – as you will have to purchase fewer cleaning products.

Self cleaning ovens come in two forms – pyrolytic and catalytic.



For the best pyrolytic cleaning results, we recommend the Siemens

Pyrolytic Ovens:
By heating the oven cavity to around 500 degrees, all the dirt and grime within the oven gets burnt away. This can then be wiped away with a cloth.

The oven door automatically locks while the oven is at these temperatures, although the exterior remains at a far lower temperature throughout.

Pyrolytic cleaning can take a few hours depending on the setting. You will still need to wipe clean the oven glass and clean the shelves separately.

The Siemens HB78GB590GB offers an A -30% energy rating and 14 different cooking functions. It has a TFT clear text display and has 3 activeClean, pyrolytic self cleaning levels. The Siemens offers exceptional design with seriously innovative technology. Why not explore the benefits for yourself in our Siemens iQ Centre functioning kitchen located at our Stourport store?

Take a look at Neff’s fantastic video demonstrating just how good Pyrolytic cleaning is!



Read about our Siemens iQ Centre here!



For the best catalytic cleaning, we recommend the Blomberg BEO9444X oven

Catalytic Ovens:
Catalytic ovens do their cleaning while you cook – albeit cleaning at much lower temperatures compared to pyrolytic cleaning.

They use special liners treated with porous enamels which absorb grease and other cooking spits and spatters. When the oven is over 200 degrees these liners oxidise the dirt leaving you with a residue at the base of the oven which can just be wiped away with a cloth.

Catalytic liners can be found on the sides and/or back panels of ovens. Whatever surface without them will require manual cleaning. You will also need to clean the oven glass and shelves by hand.

The Blomberg BEO9444X is a multifunction single oven with an LED programmer. It offers a large 65 litre capacity and has catalytic liners on the side walls. It also offers a telescopic shelf system and a 3 year warranty.


If you would like more information on self cleaning ovens or our range of cookers, please contact your local store.

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