Lifetime Labour Free

The Wash House Home of Lifetime Labour Free

Only at The Wash House!

The Wash House gives Lifetime Labour to customers who purchase their appliance from one of our stores or our website for FREE.

What does that mean for YOU the customer?

It means, if you have a problem with your appliance after the manufacturers guarantee, we will come out to you and there will be no charge for any labour involved in any repair that may be required.


So what does a repair cost consist of?

A repair consits of 3 parts.

1. Call out charge - (£24.95) - This is the cost of calling the engineer out to get to your home.

2. Labour charge - THIS IS THE PART YOU GET FREE IF YOU PURCHASE YOUR APPLIANCE FROM US (£60 Freestanding appliances, £75 Built in appliances, £90 Range cookers) - Quite often the most expensive part to any repair, the cost of the engineers labour to diagnosis and repairing the product.

3. Parts Cost - (variable) - The cost of any parts that need to be fitted to carry out the repair.


Heres an example of how much it would cost to replace a faulty built in double oven with a faulty element with and without the lifetime labour guarantee.(please note part costs can change for different models, the below is purley for example purpose only)


Example one - No labour free warannty (not purchased from The Wash House)

Call out Charge - £24.95

Labour Charge - £75.00

Part cost - £35.00

Total = £134.95


Example two - Lifetime labour free (product purchased from The Wash House)

Call out Charge - £24.95

Labour Charge - FREE

Part Cost - £35.00

Total = £59.95


As you can see from the above example it made the cost 55% cheaper just because it was purchased from the washhouse.... And dont forget the average appliance has 2 call outs in its lifetime. Thats alot of money to be saving for something that is FREE when purhcased from us!! 


ln the event of a repair failing or in the event the customer chooses to buy a new machine instead of going for a repair they can have the £24.95 call out charge off their purchase of a new machine from The Wash House! Just our way of saying thankyou for coming back to us!


Terms and Conditions apply

What is NOT covered with ‘Lifetime Labour Free’ Service

  • Cleaning/unblocking filter and soap drawers on laundry appliances*
  • Fault due to customers own plumbing or electrical problems*
  • Replacing of oven/cooker hood bulbs*
  • Refitting any parts/components that have been removed by customer
  • No parts will be fitted under the above service that have not been purchased from the Wash House Ltd
  • The service is not transferable, ie can only be used by the person who has purchased it*
  • If a fault has arisen due to the machine being relocated by someone other than our delivery/service team
  • Failure to cancel an appointment*
  • Gas appliances and American style refrigeration. Also Cooker Hoods, Microwaves and all small appliances, are excluded from Lifetime Labour and Lifetime Labour Plus* * Further details upon request
  • In order to have the £24.95 charge refunded instead of going for a repair the customer must purhcase the new appliance from us
  • Cancellations - We require a 48 hour notice of cancellation for a repair visit otherwise the call out charge may not be able to be refunded

Lifetime Labour Plus+

Have you purchased an appliance from us recently? If your purchase was made in within the last 2 months, you may be eligible to apply for Lifetime Labour Plus!

What is Lifetime Labour Plus?

Lifetime Labour Plus will allow you to get up to 3 appliances that were not bought from The Wash House covered by our exclusive Lifetime Labour Plus Free Guarantee. Simply call us on 01299 822031 to add extra products on!

There is a one time registration charge of £10 per appliance. This is not a monthly fee. This Fee is non-refundable.

Lifetime Labour Plus Terms and Conditions…

  • Lifetime Labour Plus will only become effective once ALL other guarantees on that product have expired
  • The appliance must have been correctly installed and used only the electricity supply
  • The appliance must have only been used for domestic purposes, and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
  • The appliance has not been serviced, repaired, tampered with or taken apart by any unqualified person
  • ALL service work under this guarantee must be undertaken by The Wash House
  • The appliance is only guaranteed at the original customer address and with a valid receipt

What isn't applicable for Lifetime Labour

  • Small electrical appliances
  • Any gas appliances
  • Any American style refrigeration
  • Damage resulting from transportation, improper use or neglect, the replacement of any light bulbs or removable parts of glass or plastic
  • Any work resulting from improper installation
  • Domestic appliances being used in a commercial environment